This weekend at the HERO’S show Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto came before the crowd to let them know why he would not be fighting in MMA for awhile. Kid has risen to the top out of the multitude of Japanese fighters to being one of the most popular fighters along with K-1 World Max superstar Masato in Japan. After achieving such great success, he is leaving his MMA career while he pursues his goal.

Kid told the crowd that he’s had a dream since he was a child to be an olympic wrestler and that’s what he is now doing. He realizes that the quality of opponents in HERO’S is too high to fight and just use his wrestling skills. “I realize that I cannot come out and just tackle my opponents for three rounds.”

This is why as he told the crowd, he would not be fighting that night. Kid is taking the path which may or may not prove to be successful, but if one never pursues ones dream then one is destined for failure as far as the dream is concerned. And as far as Kid is concerned the word ‘fail’ seems not to be in his vocabulary. As he said before the crowd this weekend, ” I am going to the Olympics, and I am getting the gold.”