Kid Yamamoto apparently got into a backstage altercation at the last Shooto show. MMAWeekly.com reports that on the
official Shooto blog, Shoot has now released an official statement after the fight between Akira Kikuchi and Shinya Aoki from last Friday 17th. in Shooto.

According to the official statement, Shooto’s official doctor was taking care of Akira Kikuchi injuries backstage. The site said that Kid Yamamoto got into a verbal altercation using “foul language”. The statement later explained that there was a “random action of violence” by Kid Yamamoto but it doesn`t explain exactly what he did to the doctor.

MMAWeekly reader, Shibuku Suzuki sent this in from the Japanese newspapers today to MMAWeekly.com. “Shooto later released a statement on their blog that the organization is officially suspending ALL MEMBERS of Killer Bee gym from any official event sponsored by Shooto, including Professional, Amateur and Grappling tournaments and events.

Yamamoto is now suspended indefinitely from any official Shooto competition and he won`t be allowed to enter any place where Shooto events are being held like second or spectator.

Shooto is asking for an official and public apology from all members of Killer Bee and Kid Yamamoto.”