by J.R. Gordon, MartialArtsRadio.com
Saturday night, November 18, 2006, the Fair Grounds Industrial building in Casper Wyoming hosted the thirty-first show for the Kick Down promotion. In spite of the fact that the event happened on the same night as a UFC Pay-Per-View, there were over one thousand fans on hand to witness one of the best fight shows to ever take place in the cowboy state. The fans were well educated about the sport, there was strong support for the local fighters and by all accounts the event was a great success.

The main event of the show was Tim Ouimette Vs John Sargent. There was a bit of back story leading up to this fight. In their last bout Sargent reached out to touch gloves at the opening of the match and Ouimette landed a punch over his outstretched hand. Before this bout began Sargent could be heard and seen asking if they were going to touch gloves before the match began. When the bell rang to signal the beginning of the bout Sargent reached out to touch gloves and Ouimette launched into a flying knee strike that caught Sargent full in the face. Sargent fell to his knees and Ouimette took back control and sunk in the RNC for the win at :24 of round one. In his post fight interview Ouimette was asked about touching gloves and he stated, “We touched gloves after the referee instructions and to me that means the fight is on.” I asked Sargent his feelings after the fight and he said, “When the bell rings that means the fight is on. I have no excuses.”

Colorado professional MMA fighter Luke Holdorf continued his winning ways when after being taken down three separate times he was able to secure a guillotine choke for the submission victory at 1:49 of round one.

Sebastian Puente defeated Brian Pursley for the Kick Down Middleweight MMA title via a rear naked choke at 2:15 of round one.

Kamalu Keawe looked good winning his second fight in as many weeks for the Kick Down fight promotion. The prior week he won a bout with a head scissors leg choke and this week he got to showcase his striking skills using hard leg kicks to get his opponent to drop his guard which set him up for punches to the head that lead to a referee fight stoppage at :34 of round one.

Another fighter that impressed everyone was Colorado Springs Kongo-Do fighter Corey Hill. Hill won by referee stoppage, also at :34 of round one with strikes. I was told that Hill will be trying out for the upcoming fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV.

The Wyoming fans have shown they have a desire to attend live fights. Now its up to the promoters to step up and give them more of what they want.

Best in Health and Training,
J. R. “Crusher” Gordon