Khabib Nurmagomedov wants Georges St-Pierre to push back retirement so they can fight

February 20, 2019

Khabib Nurmagomedov isn’t giving up on his desire to face Georges St-Pierre before he retires.

The reigning UFC lightweight champion sent out a message aimed at St-Pierre on Wednesday after news broke that the 37-year old Canadian was expected to announce his retirement this week.

St-Pierre scheduled a press conference on Thursday in Montreal with expectations that he would announce his retirement from the sport after failing to secure a fight with Nurmagomedov that would have allowed him to return to action.

There are no details on any negotiations that took place with the UFC, Nurmagomedov and St-Pierre but obviously the matchup didn’t get scheduled.

Now Nurmagomedov is making a final plea to St-Pierre to push back his retirement with hopes of booking a fight against him in November.

“Let’s do it in November,” Nurmagomedov wrote on Instagram. “After this fight you can retire. I grow up on your fights, and have nothing but respect for you, and I believe showed that to you George when you were in Moscow.

“But, it would be honor for me to share Octagon with one of the greatest fighters of all time. Let’s do it 155 pounds, or I give away five pounds to you, cause you [never] done 155. Well, it’s your choice 155 or 160, Montreal, NYC, Moscow or Abu Dhabi. Send me location my Friend.”

Nurmagomedov isn’t expected to fight again until after October while standing in solidarity with his teammates who were each suspended one year for their participation in a post fight brawl at UFC 229 last year.

Nurmagomedov remains under suspension until at least July after the Nevada State Athletic Commission gave him a nine-months sentence for his role in initiating the brawl.

After the punishments were handed out, Nurmagomedov said he would pay his teammates’ fines and sit out for the full year alongside them before returning to action.

As for St-Pierre, it’s not likely he’s going to push back his retirement date for the potential fight but he’ll make the announcement himself on Thursday.