Khabib Nurmagomedov: Conor McGregor Should ‘Stay Away’, ‘This is For Real Fighters’

March 12, 2018

If Conor McGregor is smart, he’ll stay away from the UFC.

That’s according to top ranked lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov, who might be the only fighter on the UFC roster not clamoring for a fight with McGregor if he decides to return to action later this year.

Nurmagomedov has long said that should he win the lightweight title at UFC 223 in April that McGregor would have to earn a fight with him rather than just be handed the opportunity because he’s the biggest draw in the sport.

Now the Russian wrecking machine is suggesting that McGregor might want to stay away from fighting all together and instead just focus on his endorsement deals like the one he just recently landed with Burger King.

“I don’t know why they talk about this. A lot of people call him like a king but he’s not like a king. He’s now Burger King. Now he’s Burger King,” Nurmagomedov told Yahoo! Sports just recently. “He has money, he has good life, he’s a famous guy. I think it’s better for him if he stay away from good fighters in the lightweight division. For me, too, because when you go to the cage with me it’s not like you’re going to cage with Burger King. This is different. That’s why he has to stay away.

“He has money, he’s already the UFC champ, he’s a two division champ, everything is good. Stay away. This is not a Burger King’s sport. This is for real fighters.”

If McGregor decides to return, Nurmagomedov believes that the Irishman will probably seek out matchups that are less dangerous for him like a second fight against Floyd Mayweather.

The last thing McGregor really wants is to fight the savages at the top of the lightweight division, which is why Nurmagomedov suggests that he just stick to his new career on camera rather than get beat up by returning to the UFC.

“I don’t think he’s going to come back and fight real fight,” Nurmagomedov said about McGregor. “I think he wants easy fights like when he fights [Floyd] Mayweather. He don’t need to come back preparing for five rounds, versus tough wrestling guy who is going to take you down and smash your face. He has to look nice to promote something like Burger [King] or other businesses. He has to look nice.

“Why does he have to come back for somebody to smash his face? Stay away from this. This is the UFC, baby.”