by Brandon New for MMAWeekly.com
DETROIT – King of the Cage: Bad Boys 2 arrived at Cobo Arena with an impressive card and some well known names, but last minute injuries impacted the show with devastating force.

Jeremy Horn was set to headline the show against Jake Rosholt until a neck injury forced Rosholt to withdraw from the contest.
“I had a sharp pain go through my neck and kind of down my arm… had a lot of numbness and tingling through my arm, real, real sore,” said Rosholt, describing the injury. “I’ve seen three doctors since then. I was advised by all of them that it wasn’t going to be good to fight.

“Pretty much what I’ve heard is that I need to have an MRI done. I haven’t had that, just some X-rays. Most likely I’ll have some bulging discs in my neck that I have to give some rest to. I should be back and healthy in not too long.”

The lineup was previously damaged when Ray Mercer withdrew from a bout with undefeated super-heavyweight Ron Sparks due to a leg injury, removing both fighters from the event.

Leading up to and including the day of, the fight injuries dusted fighters off of the card relentlessly, while Tony Hervey’s opponent was a complete no-show.

Fortunately there were some great fights salvaged for the fans at Cobo Arena and watching on HDNet. Former UFC fighter and veteran of 55 bouts, Joe Doerksen (43-12-0) headlined the night against Chad Herrick (7-3-0). The Michigan fighter, Herrick, entered the bout a huge underdog, but was easily the crowd favorite. What ensued was a three-round, back-and-forth battle that left Doerksen with a bloody cut over his left eye and a tough decision for the judges.

In the first round, Herrick looked like he was the more experienced fighter, as he confused and frustrated Doerksen the entire round. A cut Doerksen received had Herb Dean pause the match to determine the extent of the injury. The second round was relatively even with each fighter dominating at times during the five-minute interval. Round three saw Doerksen gain his composure and control until the bell rang. The judges scored a split decision victory for Doerksen, but Herrick won a moral victory by putting on a great performance against a quality fighter.

The King of the Cage lightweight title was on the line Friday night, as undefeated David Shepherd (4-0) defended against Dom “I Hate Him So Much” O’Grady (9-2). The two fighters had a competitive battle, but O’Grady caught Shepherd in an armbar to gain the victory and more importantly the belt.

In another split decision, rising star Daron Cruickshank (3-0) defeated Jason Holmes (6-1). Ben Lagman (5-1) showed why he is going to be on the radar in the future as he dismantled veteran Angelo Popofski (13-7), winning by TKO.

The knockout of the night came when former Bellator lightweight Waylon Lowe (7-2) landed a vicious series of blows on UFC veteran Steve Berger leaving him unconscious for several seconds. This was the type of knockout that would make most cringe instead of cheer.

The other televised fight was a rubber match for the middleweight (185-pound) title. Brandon Hunt (4-2) defeated Brad Burrick (9-9) by decision the first time they fought, but Burrick won the decision in the rematch. Hunt left nothing to the judges, as he scored a decisive knockout to reclaim his belt and proclaim dominance in his saga with Burrick.

The undercard saw Caleb Grummet (2-1) defeat Tony Smith, Eric Moon (2-2) won due to a shoulder injury suffered by Dominic Deshazor (0-1), and Chuck Mady (2-1) used a triangle to spoil Demetrius Dean’s debut.