Kevin Nowaczyk Hopes a Win at Victory FC 60 Leads to ‘Somewhere Big’

April 13, 2018

Following over a year off from his previous fight, middleweight Kevin Nowaczyk is anxious to get back to action in 2018.

When he does finally return, Nowaczyk will be riding an eight-fight winning streak, including his last win in February of 2017 over Daniel Vizcaya at HFC 32 via second round submission.

“I felt I performed pretty well,” Nowaczyk told “I was kind of under the assumption (Vizcaya) was a wrestler, then he came out (in the first round) kind of striking-wise, so actually I took him down.

“The second round was the same thing. I had him in side position, and I saw a choke opportunity, so I took it and fortunately he tapped out in the second round.”

Having been fighting now for over a decade, it’s somewhat surprising to Nowaczyk that he’s still fighting. At the same time, one of the things that keeps him going is the belief he has yet to reach a plateau and is able to develop his game like he did when he first started.

“When I first started out at 18 or 19, I don’t know if I kind of expected anything of this,” said Nowaczyk. “I just knew I really loved it and wanted to give it a really good shot. I quit school for this option. I’m glad I stuck with it. Hopefully it’s going to pay off for me.

“I’m always training and never take time off. I’m always working on something. Whether you have an injury or something, there’s always something you can work on. I’m always progressing, which I’m happy about. I always feel like I have something new every fight.”

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On Saturday in Hammond, Ind., Nowaczyk (19-3) will take on Andrew Kapel (12-6) in the 185-pound main event of Victory FC 60.

“I don’t know too much about the guy,” Nowaczyk said of Kapel. “I’ve seen a few videos of him, but I’m not big on getting stuck on videos. Fighters are always changing things up, so I don’t want to go in expecting one style and get a totally different style thrown at me and get surprised.

“My intention to see how it feels standing and just take it from there, but I think it’s still a good match-up for me, regardless.”

After 10 years and over 20 fights of experience, Nowaczyk hopes a headlining slot in VFC can finally lead him to make his breakthrough to the next level of his career in 2018.

“I’m always trying to stay busy,” said Nowaczyk. “I’m always trying to get a fight. So my goal is to just keep it going and keep winning. I want to make it somewhere huge within the next two fights.

“While I was hoping it was the last one that would land me somewhere big, and after this one I’m hoping it lands me somewhere big, but even if it doesn’t, then I’ll try to get another fight and do whatever I have to do to get there.”