Kevin Lee vows to be ‘sober and connected with God’ following NSAC suspension

Just hours after news broke that Kevin Lee would be temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, he took to Instagram to vow a change in his life.

The video, accompanied by a lengthy emotional statement, shows Lee dumping his medication down the sink. He previously admitted he was prescribed Adderall to treat ADHD. He says the proper paperwork was not submitted before his fight with Daniel Rodriguez and he tested above the allowable limit.

“I’ll just speak as a human not as a fighter right now,” he wrote. “I’ve been embarrassed these last few weeks since knowing this news would come out. I always knew my brain worked different than other people and I’ve tried to hide my whole life. Before I started taking medicine I spent a lot of my time drunk. I been scared knowing that the world would know exactly what’s wrong with me. But from now, fuck all that. I’m not embarrassed and I’m not hiding behind diagnosis and pills or alcohol or none of that no more. I haven’t been drunk for about a month (which is a lot for me outside of fight camp) and no more prescriptions. Not that I think they are wrong or harmful but this next stage of healing I need to be sober and connected with God. Making a post is holding me accountable, if there’s one person out there like me I’m with you.”

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Lee also apologized to the fans on his Instagram account in a separate post.

“It was never my intention to gain an athletic advantage,” he wrote. “It was an attempt to conquer the severe anxiety I silently suffer from daily. I am actively cooperating with the Nevada Athletic Commission and expect to reach an agreement on a sanction. I will use this time to heal and come back stronger. Sorry for my lack of professionalism that lead to this disappointment, I’ll be back.”

The length of Lee’s suspension will be discussed and decided at the November 17 commission meeting.

Lee has lost five of his last seven bouts across two weight classes.

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