Kevin Lee released from UFC after nearly 8 years

One time UFC interim lightweight title challenger Kevin Lee has been released from the UFC, according to MMA Fighting.

Lee lost four of his last five Octagon appearances losing two back-to-back after falling to Daniel Rodriguez and Charles Oliveira. He would pick up his last UFC win KOing Gregor Gillspie at UFC 244 in November 2019. He also lost a grappling-only fight to former Bellator fighter, Cris Lencioni at Submission Underground 28 in October 2021.

Lee is currently serving a six-month suspension after testing positive for amphetamines he claims come from his use of Adderall to treat ADHD.

“I’ll just speak as a human not as a fighter right now,” he wrote on Instagram on October 20. “I’ve been embarrassed these last few weeks since knowing this news would come out. I always knew my brain worked different than other people and I’ve tried to hide my whole life. Before i started taking medicine I spent a lot of my time drunk. I been scared knowing that the world would know exactly what’s wrong with me. But from now, fuck all that. Im not embarrassed and I’m not hiding behind diagnosis’s and pills or alcohol or none of that no more. I haven’t been drunk for about a month (which is a lot for me outside of fight camp) and no more prescriptions. Not that I think they are wrong or harmful but this next stage of healing I need to be sober and connected with god. Making a post is holding me accountable, if there’s one person out there like me I’m with you.

Lee made his UFC debut on in February 2014 when he lost to Al Iaqunita at UFC 169.

At press time, Lee has not commented on his release.