Kevin Croom Looks to Add to Eight-Fight Winning Streak at Titan FC 27

February 24, 2014

Kevin Croom

Fighters might often look back and say they just had the best year of their career, but for bantamweight prospect Kevin “Hard-Hitting Hillbilly” Croom, 2013 was just that.

“It was a really, really awesome for me,” Croom told “I fought seven times and won all seven of them and finished them all in the first round. I couldn’t feel better about last year.

“I feel like with every fight I’ve gotten better. I could have done things a little differently, but overall I’m pretty happy with (my performances in) them.”

Even though he spent a total of just over 15 minutes total in the cage, Croom admits that training did take a toll on him, but ultimately allowed him to keep his game sharp throughout the year.

“I definitely feel the wear and tear,” said Croom. “Even though I finished all those fights in the first round, I still trained for a full 15-minute fight, that doesn’t change at all.

“When you fight that much it is kind of hard to work on new things. There’s certain things you focus on for certain opponents, but I have a style of fighting. I’ve been doing this for seven years and have a way that works for me, so I just kind try to maintain that.”

Croom (13-5) will look to keep his current eight-fight winning streak going when he takes on Bryan Goldsby (17-15) in a feature bantamweight showdown on Feb. 28 at Titan FC 27 in Kansas City.

“Bryan’s very athletic and is very explosive, so there are definitely things I have to watch out for, but to be honest, I feel like I’m the better fighter,” said Croom. “My game plan is just to go in there and be the better fighter, plain and simple.”

With a possible fight lined up for May, Croom has little time to be complacent, but that’s exactly what wants.

“Fighting is how I keep my stuff together,” he said. “It’s what gives my life structure. Having another fight lined up means that I’m going to get right back to business, so it’s good for me.”

With the next couple months playing heavily in the future of his career, Croom’s focus is on making sure he performs well, wherever his path leads him.

“I’m kind of at a turning point in my career,” he said. “Other than working hard every day and taking full advantage of every opportunity I get, I have no plans as of the moment.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen other than the fact that I’m going to work hard and win all my fights.”