Kevin Boehm has eyes set on UFC if he defends belt at CageSport 59

October 4, 2019

Following a broken thumb in his loss to Talon Hammons last December at CageSport 54, featherweight Kevin Boehm was looking to get things back on track in 2019.

After his recovery from his injury, Boehm was able to rebound with back to back wins in 2019, including his most recent victory where he was able to take the CageSport featherweight title from Hammons in a rematch of their bout from last year.

“(Going on) three fights in, including a broken thumb and recovery from surgery, and just coming back in and keeping the momentum going felt good,” Boehm told

“Most of my career I was a grappler and took people down, so it was good to have someone whose wrestling I had to work around, and Talon and Jason (Gray) were both those kind of opponents. It forced me to level up in other areas of my game. From there I’ve been growing. It’s just been new growth since those opponents.”

Having disputed the outcome of his first bout with Hammons, Boehm was happy to get a definitive win in the rematch and prove the first fight ended on a fluke.

“My first loss to him was a problem because I had broken my hand early in the round and kept fighting, then when the stop happened it wasn’t off of me tapping or calling anything like that, it was the referee thought I was yelling I tapped, but it was somebody in the crowd,” said Boehm.

“We weren’t able to get it overturned. We fought on it a long time. So me it was finishing the first fight. It was my chance to show people that I would win that fight. I didn’t get to give the people the performance I knew was coming, so this second fight had a lot on it so I could.”

This Saturday in Tacoma, Washington, Boehm (6-3) will look to keep his winning streak going when he defends his title against Austin Springer (11-3) in the 145-pound championship main event of CageSport 59.

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“Austin fought to get in the house on Ultimate Fighter, fought on the Contender Series, and he’s over in the Northwest, so he’s somebody I’ve been kind of looking up to for a while and go the same route as,” Boehm said. “I also believe that I can beat him because I see a lot of areas that I know I’m better at.

“When it comes time to fight out there, I don’t fade – I just get stronger by when the fight’s over. Every round I’m coming out stronger than the last one. That’s what it’s going to take in this fight. He’s not known for pushing through too much adversity, and that’s what I want this fight to be. Honestly the later the fight goes the more it’s in my favor.”

When it comes to 2020, Boehm feels like he’s been putting all the pieces together to have the kind of year that will help him make it to the next level of his career.

“After this fight I’ll start figuring out what I need to do to get (into the UFC),” said Boehm. “If it’s another fight or two, then it’s another fight or two. I’m trying to be really strategic with my moves to try to get into the UFC.”