Kenny Florian Takes Over Commentary Duties for UFC 134 While Rogan Films ‘Fear Factor’

Kenny Florian

Kenny Florian

UFC featherweight contender Kenny Florian will take a break from his training camp in preparation of facing Jose Aldo at UFC 136 to head to Brazil for commentary duties at UFC 134: Rio.

Florian, who has filled in as color commentator in several past shows, will be in attendance in Brazil to work alongside Mike Goldberg in the broadcast booth.

Regular UFC commentator Joe Rogan was unable to make the trip to Brazil due to filming obligations for his return to the NBC show Fear Factor that is currently in production.

A regular contributor to ESPN’s MMA Live, Florian has commentated on several shows prior to UFC 134 and will pick things up for the UFC’s return to Brazil for the first time in many years.

Joe Rogan is expected to return for the UFC’s next show set for Sept. 17 in New Orleans.