Kenny Florian Opts Against Back Surgery

January 15, 2012

Kenny Florian will opt against surgery for his injured back, and if it doesn’t heal on it’s own, then his time as a fighter may be finished.

The former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 1 competitor has had lingering back problems over the last couple of years, but it was after he got back into training following his loss to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo last October that aggravated the injury to an extreme point.

“First of all, I’ve had a back injury for a little bit and after the (Jose) Aldo fight I was getting back to training, I was doing some Olympic lifting, hurt my back, of course on the last rep, last set, and I knew it was bad,” Florian said during the Fuel TV UFC 142 post fight show.

The injury was severe enough that it’s actually scared Florian to the point of considering retirement from the sport he loves so dearly.

“It was a herniated disc in my back and it’s just been causing a lot of problems. Lower back, and it’s been everything from tingling and numbness in both my legs, so I’m hoping it’s going to heal up and I can get back to the fight game, but we’ll see what happens,” Florian stated.

Serious back injuries have occurred many times before in MMA and in the UFC in particular.

Florian’s housemate on the first season of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’, Nate Quarry, famously had back surgery a few years ago to repair a serious injury that almost cut his career short.

Quarry was able to recover after the surgery and get back in the cage again. The same can be said for former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz who went under the knife to repair a similar injury to the one that befell Quarry, and much like his counterpart, he too was back fighting after recovering from surgery.

Florian however wants no part of surgery. He is hopeful that his body will just heal up on his own, but if it comes down to surgery to keep fighting, he’ll hang up his gloves.

“I’m not going to do surgery,” Florian stated.

The prognosis is still not determined yet however for Florian’s future. For now he’ll continue to work as part of the UFC’s broadcast team while his back heals, and with time hopefully he’ll be able to return to work as fighter inside the Octagon.

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