Kenny Florian Moving Down to Compete in the UFC Featherweight Division

February 8, 2011

Kenny Florian

When the UFC decided to merge over the featherweight and bantamweight divisions, everybody knew it was only a matter of time before some lightweights decided to start making the move down in weight.

Former UFC lightweight contender Kenny Florian has now made the decision to try his hand at featherweight and will move down to 145lbs for his next fight.

The Boston native will make his 4th move in weight since coming to the UFC via the first season of the “Ultimate Fighter”.

During that season he fought at middleweight, then promptly moved down to welterweight, and eventually lightweight. Now he’ll see how he fares at 145lbs where current champion Jose Aldo rules the roost.

“I’ll indeed be fighting at 145lbs. It is a great new challenge. Goal is to get belt at featherweight and I’ll be back at 155,” Florian wrote via his personal Twitter page.

Florian is the 2nd high profile UFC lightweight to decide to make the move down the featherweight over the last few days. Tyson Griffin just announced his intentions to drop down to 145lbs as well once he recovers from knee surgery.

Florian’s timetable to return still depends on the rehab surrounding a knee injury he suffered that forced him out of scheduled January bout against Evan Dunham.

Prior to his decision to drop down to featherweight, Florian had told MMAWeekly Radio that he hoped to be back in action in early summer, and it appears that timeline stays the same, except he’ll be a lighter version when he returns.

“That’s definitely a goal,” Florian confirmed about a possible summer return. “Maybe I can be back before that, but that’s the realistic goal I set for myself and hopefully I can be back in the cage soon.”