Kenny Florian Calls Out Fighters Who Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

April 10, 2012

Kenny Florian
If the subject of performance enhancing drugs comes up around former UFC title contender Kenny Florian, don’t expect a friendly response.

The one-time lightweight and featherweight title challenger tackles the subject on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV when referencing the recent elevated testosterone test revealed for UFC 146 headliner Alistair Overeem.

Florian, who competed in three different UFC title bouts and was tested on numerous occasions during other fights, takes a strong stance on the issue.

“As a clean fighter, the whole issue of performance enhancing drugs in MMA really pisses me off. This sport is about honor, technique and discipline,” Florian said in the interview segment.

The heart of the matter for Florian comes down to the fact that fighters are cheating and trying to win in an unfair manner, and that’s not good for anybody.

“As a fighter, if you use PEDs, how does it feel good knowing that you won using them? Don’t do it, dummies!” Florian shouted.

In the past few months several high profile fighters have been subjected to positive drug tests either prior or after major bouts in both the UFC and Strikeforce.

Former Strikeforce featherweight women’s champion Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino had her one year suspension upheld by the California Athletic Commission on Monday after failing a drug test in her bout last December.

Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal, another former Strikeforce champion, tested positive for banned substances in January, and was suspended 9-months by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Now Overeem will have to deal with his own positive test after a pre-fight screening revealed a 14 to 1 ratio for his testosterone levels. The highest an athlete is allowed to have in Nevada is a 6 to 1 ration.

Overeem will now appear before the Nevada Commission on April 24 to answer to the charges, as he attempts to get licensed for his UFC 146 bout against Junior Dos Santos in May.

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