Ken Shamrock’s All Women’s MMA Reality Show Starring Tonya Evinger


FightLife bases a group of eight professional female fighters in one house where they live, breathe and make their money off the sport of Mixed Martial Arts fighting. The series will focus on the girls’ real lives – hardcore partying, the drama, catfights, relationships, owning and operating fight shop, intense physical training led by Ken Shamrock, and their professional MMA fights.

FightLife (wt), starring popular and outspoken fighter Tonya Evinger, combines some of the biggest names in MMA with the drama and extreme lifestyles these female fighters experience on a day-to-day basis. It’s a complete picture of what goes on inside and outside the octagon.

The show also has co-stars Ken Shamrock, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) World Champion and UFC Hall of Famer, as the fighters’ coach and trainer; female coach Kelley Weatherford from Freestyle Gym in Reno; and female MMA promoter Mario Horta.

The series will follow the girls from their hardcore training to their wild partying and showcase each of the girls in a full MMA match throughout the series, organized by Horta.. The group of eight girls each have unique backgrounds, which will provide for compelling storylines throughout the series.