Ken Shamrock Talks Couture Fight, New Lion’s Den

Ken Shamrock at UFC 48 weigh-insMMA Legend Ken Shamrock was featured today on MMAWeekly Radio. He discussed plenty of things, including these…

– That he was offered a fight with Randy Couture and if he would fight him

– His thoughts on Jeremy Horn vs Chuck Liddell

– Why Liddell and Couture would both beat Wanderlei Silva

– Re-creating the New Lion’s Den

– Why he is forming the new Lion’s Den and how you can join

– The new Reality TV show he is involved with

– The show he is putting on and much, much more.

If you missed today’s show check out the radio archive at Also check out the live show at at 9am Pacific/12 Noon eastern.

MMAWeekly’s Ryan Bennett and UFC Fighter Frank Trigg host the show and today they with Shamrock to find out if he will fight again, if it will be in the UFC or another promotion. Plus they will talk with Ken about the show he’s promoting this weekend. All on MMAWeekly Radio today!