by Kal Thompson,

By: Kal Thompson

BoxingInsider: First, how was this offer placed on
your table?

Ken Shamrock: I had just come back from fighting in
Pride. After the controversial Sakuraba fight, I was
focused on a rematch. Then, I received a phone call
from Dana White. When Dana has something to say, I’m
always willing to listen. He asked me if I’d like to
comeback to the UFC; if I’d like to do something. He
then asked if I’d like to work with The Ultimate
Fighter 3 as a coach. I asked him who the other coach
was going to be. He told me that I’m not going to
believe this, but to take a guess between Royce Gracie
and Tito Ortiz. I immediately knew that it was Tito.
I was so jacked up. At that moment, I put everything
else aside and I told him, “I’m in.”

BoxingInsider: Wow! With you and Tito as opposing
coaches on TUF 3, will the well-known animosity
between the two of you play a big factor on the show?
Will it be like two giant bulls butting horns!?

Ken Shamrock: A lot of that will have to do with how
Tito approaches the situation. If Tito comes in and
tries to punk me out or be a smart ass, I’m the type
of guy that is going to face that head on. I don’t
want to take away from the show “The Ultimate
Fighter,” but at the same time, I am not going to be
disrespected. If Tito concentrates on training his
fighters and being a coach, that’s great. If he thinks
he is going to use this as a way to get into my head,
psyche me out, or get me riled up, then that’s another
story. I won’t put up with it. I will deal with that
head on. We’ll have to wait and see.

BoxingInsider: Prior to the official announcement by
the UFC, several outlets had already posted stories on
the rumors that were floating around about this
situtation. What are your thoughts on that?

Ken Shamrock: I like to handle things as a
professional. I never announce anything unless the
contracts have been signed by all parties, and it’s
been set in stone. But, I know how Tito works. He
likes to try and play two sides against each other.
Before our prior fight, he had announced that the
fight was “on” before he had even touched the
contract. That’s how this guy works. It’s immature and
childish, but that’s Tito.

BoxingInsider: The pinnacle to every TUF season, along
with the battles for contracts, is the fights that
coaches find themselves preparing for after the
season. In terms of the highly anticipated Ken
Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz rematch, what are your

Ken Shamrock: This fight is going to be one for the
record books. It’s true that I’ve had a couple of
tough calls lately, but my luck is about to change.
It’s going to start with Tito Ortiz. Fists are going
to fly; everything is going to be brought out of the
bag. This battle will make history!