Ken Shamrock Presents MMA Show

Ken Shamrock at UFC 48 weigh-insValor Fighting and Ken Shamrock are teaming up this Fourth of July weekend to create a whole different type of “fireworks.” The night sky at Diamond Mountain Casino’s outdoor venue will be lit up for “Home of The Brave,” a live Mixed Martial Arts fighting event featuring 8 big fights and some very special guest appearances. Before getting into the details of this historic night, here is some background on Valor Fighting and its relationship with “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Since its inception in 2004, Valor Fighting and Management (VFM) has made big waves in the fighting world, quickly establishing itself as “The Next Generation of Mixed Martial Arts.” Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an intense and constantly evolving combat sport in which competitors utilize interdisciplinary forms of fighting including Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and other styles to their strategic and tactical advantage. MMA bouts, truly the ultimate challenge in one-on-one competition, are now recognized and regulated by the world’s most prestigious sports regulatory bodies. Valor’s mission is to produce exciting, high quality, professional live events in North America while developing superstar talent with the skill and presence needed to compete on the world stage. With a North American-wide DVD distribution deal through Rock Steady Entertainment, and a partnership with Japan’s K-1 (the largest fighting organization in the world), VFM is certainly off to a great start! In fact, VFM has sent over 20 of its most skilled warriors including Sylvester “Predator” Terkay, Tom Howard, former WWE pro wrestler Sean O’Haire, and Battle at The Bellagio III Champion Mighty Mou to compete on K-1 pay-per-views and live events held all over the globe. Valor was also well represented recently by fighting legends Kimo and Tank Abbott who each earned victories at The Rumble on The Rock 7 in Hawaii.

Valor did not just materialize out of thin air; VFM features strong ownership and depth of management. The principals, Rick Bassman and Eddy Millis combine their collective wealth of experience across a spectrum of live event sports, television production, and ancillary business development. Bassman is also the President of Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Inc. (UPW) which produces live events and content for release on DVD. He also owns and operates “Ultimate University” considered the best wrestling school in world, and develops talent for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Bassman was responsible for launching the careers of current WWE Standouts Heidenreich, Victoria, and current WWE Champion and multi-media superstar John Cena among others. Eddy Millis is the President of The Shark Tank, Inc. known as one of the top fighter training organizations in the world with four locations. As such, Millis has amassed a successful track record of producing and staging kickboxing events.

That being said, the founders of Valor are chomping at the bit to unleash and exhibit the skills of the company’s diverse group of modern day gladiators to fight fans everywhere through their own Valor Fighting live events. They will have a chance to do just that with “Home of The Brave” live from Diamond Mountain Casino in Susanville, CA on Saturday July 2. As mentioned earlier, Bassman and Millis won’t be alone when it comes to promoting this historic night of hard-hitting action. It is fitting that Valor’s sister company is Ultimate Pro Wrestling, because VFM has found an ideal tag team partner when it come to staging an MMA event. Valor is teaming up with none other than widely respected fighting legend, Ken Shamrock!

‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock is a true Icon of MMA. Shamrock is one of the warriors who first put this intense form of competition on the map. With an impressive record of 26-8-2 against the toughest competition in the world, this legend’s key wins include a pair of victories over fellow Hall of Famer Kimo, and a huge win over Dan “The Beast” Severn for the Superfight Championship. At 41 years of age, the battle-tested veteran continues to fearlessly step into battle as his legacy continues to grow. On July 2, Shamrock will be returning to his roots by heading back to Susanville for a homecoming of sorts. Ken is no stranger to the area as it houses Shamrock’s world famous “Lion’s Den” training center. “I am very excited to bring live MMA back to Susanville in a big way,” said Shamrock. Although he won’t be stepping into battle on July 2, Shamrock will have a big impact on the event. Along with making a very special appearance at “Home of The Brave,” Ken is taking a hands on role, working with Eddy Millis to select the fighters and matches which will thrill the crowd in Susanville. “It’s been an honor working with Ken,” Millis commented. “We are working hard to present the most colorful fighters and best-matched fights possible.” For more on Ken Shamrock, check out his official web site:

Home of The Brave” is an aptly named event, as all of the warriors will personify bravery when they step into the squared circle. Speaking of which, some very talented and respected fighters have already been confirmed for battle on the big night. Those who will be in action on July 2 include:

Kit Cope will represent “The Valor Fighters” at “Home of The Brave.” Cope has 10 years of experience as a professional fighter. He is well versed in the Muay Thai style of kickboxing. His ability to unleash devastating kicks and knee strikes makes him a very dangerous adversary. He is a decorated competitor who can boast of being a 4-Time World Muay Thai Champion. He certainly won’t hesitate in boasting either! If Cope has a weakness, confidence and modesty are out of the running. Cope had this to say in regard to his skills, “I can say I’m the best because…well I am. You don’t get mad at a bird for flying, because that is just what it does; I just happen to put people to sleep!” Scary thing is, Cope can back up all the talk! His exploits competing in Thailand were recently featured on MTV’s “True Life” series. Due to high interest in the piece, Cope may be the focus of his own reality series in the near future.

Vernon “Tiger” White is a gleaming example of how the best fighters in the world are coming to Valor to display their skills. White, a 12-year veteran of professional fighting is one of the most dynamic and entertaining fighters in Valor. With a passion for “Bruce Lee anything” as he puts it, White incorporates breath taking spin and jump kicks into his arsenal. Although he is flashy, he is equally deadly with a strong shootfighting background. With Ken Shamrock’s involvement in the event, Vernon is a fitting addition as he is fighting out of Shamrock’s Lion’s Den. Like Cope, White has also collected some championship gold along the way. He is a former IFC World Heavyweight Champion. Vernon handed the previously undefeated Vladimir Matyushenko his first loss to win the Title. He is also a former King of The Cage Middleweight Champion with experience fighting for Pride and UFC as well.

Jay Martinez will step into the ring on July 2, with an impressive 17 years of professional fighting experience. Martinez, one of “The Valor Fighters,” is fighting out of Valor Co-Founder Eddy Millis’ “Shark Tank.” Some of fellow teammate Kit Cope’s bravado must have rubbed off on Martinez who joked, “My friends all tell me that I am far too good looking to be fighting, but I’m OK.” All kidding aside, Martinez will undoubtedly be all business in the ring as he also listed, “Inflicting pain and winning” as his two biggest inspirations. When asked what he might say following his fight at “Home of The Brave,” Martinez remarked, “I told you so!”

No fighter fits the theme “Home of The Brave” any better than Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch. Shannon, a proud American and member of the United States Armed Forces wears the Stars & Stripes every time he steps into battle. Ritch recently returned from yet again defending our country; he had this to say, “I went to Iraq as the body guard for The Ambassador to The U.S. I gave up the ring to go over there to fight. I fought for my country, and now I’m back to fight for Valor!” As a fighter, “The Cannon” has had over 100 pro fights. Ritch is a 2-Time ISCF Champion, and he also earned the Russian Middleweight Tournament Championship. Certainly, Ritch would love nothing more than to enjoy a victory on the weekend in which we celebrate our nation’s independence. He will have his work cut out for him however as Shannon will be taking on a very tough opponent in the form of Josh O’Niel who is representing “Team Voodoo.”

The eyes of the MMA world will be on Susanville July 2. Some big time heavy hitters (no pun intended) in the fighting business will be on hand to take part in the festivities. Among them will be fighting legend “The Natural” Randy Couture. Couture, a 3-Time All American wrestler in college, 4-Time Greco Roman National Champion and Pan American Games Champion, is a wrestling machine. Since that time, Randy has become a respected fixture in MMA. He made his MMA debut by defeating Tony Halme and Steven Grahm to win a four-man tournament. Other key wins include victories over Tito Ortiz, Kevin Randleman, Vitor Belfort, and Maurice Smith to name a few. Couture like Shamrock will make a very special live appearance at “Home of The Brave.”

Bruce Buffer, widely recognized as “The Voice of UFC” will take an active role in the event as well. Buffer will be the Ring Announcer for all bouts on July 2, and will be the acting “Master of Ceremonies.” Buffer will certainly add to the “Big Fight” atmosphere, and help set the tone for all of the great action that will go down at “Home of The Brave.”

Valor and Shamrock promise to bombard the live crowd in Susanville with an all out “Entertainment Overload ™.” Bassman elaborated, “The pre-show will feature a promo put together by our fantastic production team which will introduce the audience to Valor and its fighters. All fighters will come to the ring with signature music and big screen entrance videos. Also, the sexy “Valor Girls” will bring a whole new meaning to “America The Beautiful!”

Make sure you are on hand live to witness this HUGE night of action and entertainment!

Who: Valor Fighting and Ken Shamrock Inc.

What: “Home of The Brave”: 8 big fights featuring Vernon “Tiger” White, Kit Cope, Jay Martinez, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch and many more! Also featuring special appearances by Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture, and Bruce Buffer.

Where: Diamond Mountain Casino: 900 Skyline Drive. Susanville, Ca 96130 Phone: (530) 252-1100

When: July 2, 2005. Doors open at 6:30 pm, event begins at 7:30 pm

Tickets: Tickets are available at all Ticket Web retail outlets, by phone: California / Nevada (866) 468-3399, on-line: and at the Diamond Mountain Casino Gift Shop.

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