Ken Shamrock: “I Was Never in the Ring and Fought with Steroids… but I Have Used Steroids”

(Coutesy of Inside MMA)

Having competed in a time in mixed martial arts when drug testing was lacking, if not non-existent, as well as crossing over into professional wrestling, Ken Shamrock is a fighter often accused of being a steroid user.

On Friday night’s edition of Inside MMA, Shamrock admitted that it is true, he did use steroids during his career. He was careful to delineate, however, that he never entered into the ring for a fight while still on steroids.

“You know, during my career, when I was fighting, steroids, I never entered into the ring while using steroids. I was never in the ring and fought with steroids, ever,” he declared. “But, I have used steroids in the past.

“Because I have been involved with that. Because I understand how it can be used. I understand there is a trend there.”

Shamrock went on to give his thoughts on how to try and clean up the sport and reduce performance-enhancing drug use by starting at the bottom with random testing for newer fighters, not by starting at the top with the fighters that may have the money to circumvent the testing process.

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