Kelvin Gastelum Had Concerns Over Fighting Chris Weidman in New York

Kelvin Gastelum has moved past his recent fight with Vitor Belfort that ended in a rousing TKO victory before the Brazilian athletic commission overturned the result to a no contest when he tested positive for marijuana following the event.

Rather than allow the actions of the commission to fester and continue to haunt him going into his next fight, Gastelum just decided to let it go, while also knowing that anyone who watched the bout with Belfort knows exactly what really happened.

“Everybody knows what really happened in Brazil. It’s on video. You can’t ever take that away from me,” Gastelum told the Fight Society podcast. “The commission and all them, they can take away all the bonuses and they can take away my win, but it’s on video. I’m past it. I’m good. I’m okay. I know I won the fight, so I’m ready for the next one.

“The only thing that bothered me was how the commission handled the whole thing. Like I said, no one can ever take away the win from me. I’m ready to move forward. I’m ready to move closer to the title shot.”

Following the incident in Brazil, Gastelum booked his next fight for this weekend at UFC on FOX 25 on Long Island in New York when he faces former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in the main event.

Once again, Gastelum will step into enemy territory as he takes on Weidman in his backyard in New York, where the commission has still been experiencing some growing pains after first starting to regulate the sport last year.

Add to that competing against a fighter in his hometown, which is always a tough spot, considering the crowd will rise and fall with every move Weidman makes. Though it’s not supposed to, crowd reaction could potentially influence the judges sitting cageside, as they are looking for effective striking, grappling, and Octagon control. The officials in New York wouldn’t be the first to be swayed by a crowd reaction when a big strike is thrown by a hometown favorite despite the shot not really doing much damage.

Gastelum would love to ignore that possibility from happening to him, but he wouldn’t be the first victim of a “hometown” decision and he most certainly wouldn’t be the last either.

“It does worry me a little bit. But I can’t let it… (continued)