KB Bhullar doesn’t want a war at Unified MMA 37

Though he had to make some initial adjustments in his March bout versus Derek Boyle, middleweight prospect KB Bhullar was able to figure out his opponent and pick up a first-round submission win.

According to Bhullar, Boyle’s unusual style took him a bit to figure out, but once he did he was able to get the fight where he wanted it and pick up the win.

“At the beginning of the fight, I had to take some time and get a feel for what (Boyle was) like,” Bhullar told MMAWeekly.com. “In his previous fight, he really switched his stance almost frantically, and it’s difficult to see where he strikes are coming from, so I needed to take my time in there and get a feeling for what he was doing.

“Once I understood what his style was like, I knew I could kind of impose myself as the bigger fighter and make him come to me. He got me on the fence, and I reversed his aggression with a hard throw, and once I took him down I peppered him with strikes to get him to open up and got him with an anaconda choke.”

Though he hasn’t had as many bouts as some other fighters would entering their seventh year as a pro, Bhullar feels like he’s made solid progress in his game as he has not taken any time off during this stretch.

“The progression has been steady,” said Bhullar. “I haven’t stopped training since I turned pro. It’s been a steady progression. During fight camps, I’ll work on sharpening the skills I need for a specific opponent are there, but between fights, I really try to take the time to improve my skillset as a whole.”

On Friday in Enoch, Alberta, Canada, Bhullar (6-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Cody Krahn (16-13) in a main card middleweight bout at Unified MMA 37.

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“Immediately what comes to mind with Cody is that he’s an aggressive striker who likes to create brawls,” Bhullar said. “I feel like with him, he tries to make it as dirty of a fight as possible.

“I’m excited for the chance to showcase a lot of my skills standing up, but I’ll take the fight wherever it has to go to get the victory. I’m not in there to brawl and take damage; I’m not that kind of guy; once I see my openings and my opportunities, I’ll take it.”

Having had few fights in his seven years as a pro, Bhullar is looking to make up for lost time and be as active as he possibly can be moving forward.

“I’m just obsessed with competing as much as possible right now,” said Bhullar. “I just want to stay active and keep getting better. This is my job and I treat it as such, so I want to be the best I possibly can, and I ensure I do that by continuing to train and fight actively.”

(Photo courtesy of Revival Apparel)