Kazula Vargas reveals ‘mistake’ that led to loss against Paddy Pimblett

Kazula Vargas has quite a different story when it comes to UFC London. For the losing fighters, that event wasn’t the highlight moment they’d been hoping for and now he’s speaking out about exactly what happened that night.

“I think it was more of my mistake,” Vargas told MMA Junkie in Spanish. “I looked at the video a few times and I’ve been doing some introspection. I think the mistake was that I lost track of time. I wasn’t really sure if it had been two minutes or two minutes and a half. So when he hit the throw, that wasn’t an issue because I immediately pulled him into guard. But I lost track of time and I couldn’t hear my corner at all. So by not keeping track of time and thinking the judges were going to favor him, I didn’t want to lose that round.

“That pressure made me expose my back. I gave him my back. I stood up incorrectly. I was the one who made the mistake, and he knew how to take advantage of that. I knew he had a good back take and a good rear-naked choke. I tried defending it, but it was already locked in. It was me who gave him my back. That mistake cost me the fight.”

Pimblett won the fight via rear-naked choke in the first round, marking an epic celebration for the London crowd, who redoubtably came to watch their star.

“This was my last fight on the contract,” Vargas said. “I don’t know what’s next, but I’m letting my manager take care of that. I don think that’s going to take very long. I should have an answer in its time. I’m training at a lower pace, but I’m still training. I’m in Las Vegas, but I think next week I should return to Mexico. The plan is to continue. That’s how it works: keep working, keep improving.