Kayla Harrison says Julianna Pena would get ‘seriously hurt’ if they fought

Kayla Harrison is over people matchmaking her and Julianna Pena.

“Listen, you and the media need to be careful,” Kayla Harrison said during an interview with MMA Fighting. “You’re going to get somebody hurt and it’s going to be on your hands, not mine. Because you’re going to get a girl hurt. You’re going to get her (Julianna Pena) really, seriously hurt, and it’s not going to be on my conscience because you guys did this.”

“You guys gave her (Pena) this platform and you allowed her to think that she could stand in a cage with me and beat me and you gave her this delusion. I mean it. You guys are to blame. If I ever get the pleasure of fighting her, whatever happens, I want all of you guys to go and look in the mirror and know that you did that. ‘Cause you are stirring it and I’m very frustrated that I can’t just beat her ass.”

The fans and media love to matchmaker Harrison with fighters outside of PFL, where she is currently signed. During her free agency, some had hoped to see her with Cris “Cyborg” Justino at Bellator or Amanda Nunes at UFC.

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Unfortunately for the fans, none of those happened.

Perhaps some of Harrison’s latest comments might be stemming from Pena’s comments about her resigning with promotion and not with the UFC.

“Kayla’s (Harrison) just running her mouth because she knows nothing’s ever going to happen of it, you know?” Pena said at the time. “She just signed her life away to PFL. So best of luck with that. I hope it’s good. Make your career off of beating tomato cans. That’s great.”