Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg go at it over PFL multi-million dollar fight offer

Many wanted to see Cris Cyborg fight Ronda Rousey but that fight never came to fruition. Now the fans are asking to see Cyborg fight Kayla Harrison and .. so far … that hasn’t happened. But now, PFL co-founder Donn Davis has made an offer that might just entice the women to come to terms.

“Fans want the fight. Fighters want the fight,” Davis tweeted. “I have watched and listened … @PFLMMA will provide all money and handle all matters @KaylaH v @criscyborg $1M each fighter + $2M winner bonus PPV Super Fight … no more talk … decide the best inside the cage.”

Both Cyborg and Harrison have been commenting on the potential fight.

“she gets an equal fight purse based on what? Being your champion? Beating a fighter who’s 12-13? All the PPVs she sold?” Cyborg replied to the tweet.

Harrison tweeted, “Oh the irony,” to which Cyborg replied, “What Irony? Your own manager said you can’t sell a PPV…if that isn’t a red flag.” Harrison quipped back tweeting, “Then come take the money and find out. Winner can take all” and another tweet saying, “On second thought, u can have my purse if U win. Keep yours when u lose b/c you’re gonna need it.”

A third tweet from Harrison says, “And I’ll agree to full usada drug testing and u can juice to the gills. The only thing I ask for is elbows on the ground to be legal.” Cyborg responded with a GIF and then blocked Harrison.

Cyborg announced she’d be making her boxing debut in her hometown of Curitiba, Brazil on Sept. 25. Harrison will compete in the PFL Playoffs later this month.