Karo Parisyan Trying to Put the Past Behind Him, Hoping to Fight Sakuraba Next

Karo Parisyan at UFC 53

Karo Parisyan at UFC 53

UFC veteran Karo Parisyan (19-7) will look to reinvigorate his career after back-to-back losses to Dennis Hallman and Ryan Ford.

The 28-year-old experienced a low point after dominating much of the fight between himself and Ryan Ford before losing via third round doctor’s stoppage.  However, even in the loss, the Armenian looked like his old self again when he went on a tear in the UFC.

“Anytime you lose a fight because of a stoppage, not a referee stoppage, but from a doctor’s stoppage, it’s always misfortunate and it’s always bad,” Parisyan told MMAWeekly Radio.

“Why I was really upset and frustrated was that they didn’t really try to stop my cut, they didn’t pick the correct procedures to stop the cut, stop the bleeding, and let’s get out there and fight.

“They didn’t even let the cut man in, they let the doctor in right off the bat.  (The doctor) put his thumb on my forehead for like 30 seconds and he goes, ‘the blood won’t stop, maybe I got to stop the fight.’  Still, if I cut my finger, I put 30 seconds of pressure on it, and it wouldn’t stop my fight, the cut or the bleeding.  Why wouldn’t you actually take the time to work on the cut, when I’m winning this fight?”

Parisyan was very angry about Ford’s post-fight celebration, as well. The Armenian felt like Ford had no reason to celebrate a cut victory, especially since Ford was losing the fight.

“I saw some clips and I saw his dumbass celebrating on the cage like he was kicking my ass and it got me really pissed.  Man, it drove me nuts.  I know deep down inside I won the fight. It was an unfortunate mishap, but you got to let the fighters continue.”

Sometimes in life you got to take the good with the bad. Parisyan claims that he is sick of the drama, and just wants to move forward. His next step forward be a fight against legendary Japanese fighter Kazushi Sakuraba under the Dream banner in September.

“I don’t like the drama.  I’m sick of the drama because it follows you.  Whatever you say people take it any way they can, they talk about it you know?  I let go of my past. A lot of the stupid stuff that happened I let go of it.

“I need people to try and look forward with what I’m trying to do right now.  Let them go based off of how he was in his last fight, ‘oh he was bad, okay good, let’s see him in his next fight,’ because God willing I could fight Sakuraba at the 24th of September in Dream.  So, I got a lot of stuff a head of me.”

According to Parisyan’s managers at Apex Sports Agency, the one time UFC fighter will now fight at Amazon Forest Combat in Brazil on Sept 14 against Jordan Smith. According to sources, Kazushi Sakuraba may not be ready in time for the upcoming Dream card, and Parisyan wanted to stay busy and opted for the fight for Brazil instead.

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