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The final press conference before tonight’s K-1’s HERO’S card took place and Heath Herring had a simple message for Big Daddy Gary Goodridge.

Herring said that he felt maybe now he wouldn’t have to be worried about being kissed before his fight. (Herring alluding to the Nakao kiss before the fight that ended up with Herring KO’ing Nakao before the fight started.)

Goodridge responded anything can happen since it is a “no rules” match as everyone laughed. Other interesting news and notes from the Press Conference you can watch right now on MMAWeekly TV was the fact that Quinton Jackson was there at the event to corner a couple of the fighters.

Some of the media was wondering if K-1 would make a play at Jackson since he is still a free agent. Jackson told the media that he has not signed with Pride or anyone else at this point.

Also Rich Clementi was not available at the press conference because he was trying to make weight. It took him three times before he was able to do so. So the Clementi vs Caol Uno fight is on for tonight. Watch the press conference before tonight’s card right now on MMAWeekly TV. If you missed yesterday’s weigh-in there is only one website you can watch the exclusive action, only on MMAWeekly TV.