K.J. Noons Supports PETA Against Animal Cruelty

Former Elite XC lightweight champion K.J. Noons is the latest MMA fighter to sign on with animal rights group PETA to fight against cruelty to animals in an ad released on Monday.

Noons next competes on Wednesday night in Los Angeles against Conor Heun, and feels that taking time to talk about animal cruelty, and how it needs to be stopped is very important. The California native speaks out specifically about dog fighting in the world of animal cruelty.

“I’m really against dogfighting,” Noons said on the PETA website. “You know, I think it’s super cruel. You’re throwing two animals in there that, like I said, don’t really have a choice, and they’re just defending themselves. People steal dogs from people’s houses and use them as sparring dogs, and they get beat up.”

Noons is one of several fighters MMA fighters including Jake Shields and Mac Danzig that have worked with PETA over the last couple of years.