Justine Kish explains crappy situation that unfolded during fight with Felice Herrig

Justine Kish had a crappy day this past Sunday.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” season 20 competitor not only lost a unanimous decision to Felice Herrig at UFC Fight Night in Oklahoma City, but it was later revealed that she accidentally defecated during one of the scrambles in the match.

Astute viewers noticed a smattering of some sort of substance on the Octagon floor during the fight between Kish and Herrig and it didn’t take long to figure out what exactly happened.

As embarrassing as the situation was at the time, Kish has owned up to the incident although she admits she had no idea it actually happened during the fight.

“I was humiliated,” Kish explained when speaking to the Dominick Nati show. “I was like how do I reach out to my fans. Again, what happened, the bell went off and I noticed something like what is that smell? I’m thinking it’s the referee passed gas or something and I look on the floor and I knew it wasn’t Felice, but I look on the floor and I see myself and I’m like ‘oh my god that’s me’.

“I’m thinking do I clean that up or what do I do? I look at my corner and I’m like that’s my [expletive] on the floor. That’s my crap on the floor! They’re like don’t worry about it.”

Kish says after the fight ended she was absolutely mortified while waiting for the decision to be read because in that moment all she wanted to do was go to the locker room to clean herself up from the accident.

She then tweeted about the incident while doing her best to make light of a bad situation.

On Monday, Kish says she got a call from UFC president Dana White, who offered some words of encouragement after the undoubtedly embarrassing incident unfolded.

“He called me the day after the fight to check on me to make sure I was OK because there’s a little bit of humiliation behind what happened,” Kish said. “I was in a dark area for a few hours. He just wanted to check in to see that I was OK and he gave me some encouragement.

“He said you fought like hell out there and I love how you owned up to it.”

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