Justin Gaethje went off on Nate Diaz during his UFC 274 media day appearance

Justin Gaethje is gearing up to fight for the lightweight title again when he steps into the Octagon to face Charles Oliveira on Saturday night. But before he gets there, he addressed the trash talk that Nate Diaz has been spewing on Twitter.

“That motherf*cker has lost over 15 times, like, come on,” Gaethje said during his UFC 274 media said. “So for him to be criticizing me for one loss, I found it funny. And I think he’s jealous because he’s done. He’ll never be here. He’ll never be fighting for a world championship. He’ll never achieve a world championship. In the history books, I’m already a world champion. I don’t like it. I don’t accept it. I need to make it right on Saturday but I’ll be in the Hall of Fame. He should be, too, but just because the fans love him.”

That’s some harsh words for a fighter he isn’t trying to hype a fight with.

These comments come after a back and forth on Twitter last week.

“Bruh got triangle choked from the mount,” Diaz wrote. Gaethje responded, “I ain’t your bruh you jealous b*tch,” via Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if these two ever step into the Octagon across from each other.