Justin Gaethje Explains Why Coach Trevor Wittman Didn’t Jump Up to Celebrate Victory

August 28, 2018

Justin Gaethje’s coach, Trevor Wittman, has worked with numerous top fighters across the globe in both boxing and mixed martial arts. 

He’s trained the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Shane Carwin, Nate Marquardt, Duane Ludwig, and many, many more. Wittman used to run one of the biggest fighter gyms in the Denver metro area. These days, however, he only works with a select few fighters, among them are Justin Gaethje and UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas.

Wittman now only works with fighters whom he has a close association with personally, as well as professionally. He’s not the right fight for everyone and everyone is not the right fit for him. But in Justin Gaethje, there is a strong mutual respect that is built on simple things, like the fact that Wittman didn’t immediately jump up to celebrate this past weekend when Gaethje knocked out James Vick in the UFC Fight Night 135 main event in Lincoln, Neb.

Wait, what?

That’s right, one of the things that Gaethje admires about his coach is that he didn’t immediately jump up to celebrate.

“Trevor Wittman is the best coach in the world. He knows with one’s victory comes another’s demise,” Gaethje wrote in conjunction with posting a short video clip to Twitter.

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“He will celebrate with me when he makes sure my opponent is okay, that is what you see here.”