Justin Buchholz Happy to Have a Home in SCC While He Works His Way Back to UFC

August 22, 2011

Justin Buchholz at UFC 86

Justin Buchholz at UFC 86

With his win over Thiago Meller at Saturday’s Superior Cage Combat 2 show in Las Vegas, former UFC fighter Justin Buchholz has increased his winning streak to three fights and could very well be on the return track to the big show.

Even though he managed to get the unanimous decision victory, Buchholz told MMAWeekly.com that his win over Meller wasn’t easy.

“I was amazed with how tough he was,” said Buchholz. “All the credit to that guy. I thought I could put him away, but he’s just a tough guy and he hung in there.

“He was just like the Terminator, he wouldn’t stop. I’m kind of disappointed because I wish I would have finished, but I kicked his butt and there’s no way I lost a round.”

While his physical talent has always been obvious, Buchholz feels it’s his work on the other side of the sport that’s allowed him to get back on track this year.

“I’ve mainly been doing a lot of mental training and reading a lot of books,” said Buchholz. “John Alessio blamed his last loss on self-improvement books; and I credit my three-fighting winning streak to self-improvement books.

“I think the mental game is the most important part (of the fight game).”

Buchholz’s teammates have also seen his growth as a fighter and commented to him about it.

“(Joseph) Benavidez said after this fight that it was 10 times better than my last one,” said Buchholz. “Even though I had a spectacular finish in the (one before this), he said this fight I did everything perfectly.

“I’m putting things together and the next one will be even 10 times better (than this one).”

Having a stable home in which to showcase his skills hasn’t hurt either.

“The SCC’s a great show,” said Buchholz. “I feel like I’m fighting in the UFC with the professionalism of these guys. In my first fight since the release I got head-butted and cut, and they stopped the fight and ruled it a loss because the promotion was a bunch of morons, so to be in a good show is the best thing.

“They know what they’re doing and it shows how much they respect the fighters, and I want to fight for the SCC again.”

In the year since his UFC release, Buchholz has continued to grow and put together all aspects of the fight game, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the lightweight division going forward.

“Just keep watching, because I’m getting better and better, and will have even more exciting fights,” he said in closing. “I’m the best striker in the 155-pound division and I’m going to do something completely insane in my next one, probably, so don’t miss it.”

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