Jury Rules for CM Punk in Defamation Lawsuit Settled Just Days Ahead of UFC 225

CM Punk can rest easy for at least one night after a jury ruled in his favor from a defamation lawsuit filed against him with a doctor from WWE seeking nearly $4 million in damages.

Dr. Chris Amann had filed the defamation suit back in 2014 after Punk (real name Phil Brooks) appeared on a podcast hosted by his friend and fellow professional wrestler Colt Cabana (real name Scott Colton) and accused the physician of misdiagnosing a lump on his body that ended up being a staph infection.

Punk left WWE in 2014 before doing the interview explaining his exit from the company as well as the health issues he was dealing with before his departure.

Following the candid podcast, Dr. Amann filed the defamation lawsuit against Punk and Cabana for the allegations made against him during the interview.

On Tuesday a jury needed only a couple hours of deliberation to clear Punk and Cabana of any wrongdoing while also ruling that they would face no financial penalty from the lawsuit.

Punk was overjoyed in the courtroom as he broke down in tears while hugging his wife A.J. Mendez following the verdict.

The good news is Punk has been cleared from the lawsuit but the bad news the trial took place over the past week while the 39-year old former pro wrestler is preparing for his fight against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 this weekend.

Punk will now have to shift into weight cutting mode as he goes through the final preparations to get ready for his second professional fight on Saturday night.