Junior Dos Santos blasts Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier, open to Francis Ngannou fight

March 10, 2019

Following a second round TKO against Derrick Lewis on Saturday night, Junior Dos Santos is poised for a big fight when he makes his return to action later this year.

The former heavyweight champion has now won his last three fights in a row with back-to-back knockouts as he inches closer to another shot at the title.

While there are plenty of options for his next fight, Dos Santos was asked about a potential showdown against heavy-handed knockout artist Francis Ngannou, who is fresh off a first round drubbing of former champion Cain Velasquez in his last outing.

Dos Santos was actually scheduled to meet Ngannou previously but the fight was cancelled and now it might be the perfect time to match them up again.

“I think that would be great,” Dos Santos said about facing Ngannou when speaking to the ESPN post fight show. “It should happen in the past, because of something weird it didn’t happen but maybe now it can happen.”

Brock LesnarAnother option could be Dos Santos moving directly into a title fight against heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, but it appears he’s waiting for a chance to face Brock Lesnar when he finally returns to the UFC.

Cormier is currently nursing a back injury that’s keeping him sidelined while Lesnar currently performing in WWE with a match booked for WrestleMania in April but after that is finished it may allow him the time to book another fight inside the Octagon.  

As much as Dos Santos understands the financial motivation behind Cormier pursuing the fight thanks to Lesnar being one of the top draws in UFC history, he still can’t agree with the WWE superstar jumping the line to receive a title shot after his last recorded win came in 2010.

“For sure not Brock Lesnar,” Dos Santos answered when asked who should be next for Cormier. “It doesn’t make sense. I like to see Brock Lesnar fighting but not for the title. He’s not even part of the sport right now. He cannot come back and fight for the title like this. I know DC wants to make money but it doesn’t make sense.  

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“I do understand that but I cannot agree that this fight with Brock Lesnar makes sense because it doesn’t. It’s politics, they can do whatever they want but it doesn’t make sense.”

Dos Santos says there are numerous options available for Cormier to defend his heavyweight title but Lesnar shouldn’t be one of them.

“The right fight to do in the heavyweight division would be I don’t know Stipe [Miocic] or [Francis] Ngannou or even me,” Dos Santos said. “I heard something about Jon Jones coming up to heavyweight to fight him. That would make more sense than Brock Lesnar fighting.

“But we understand if he has to fight Brock Lesnar to make money or whatever, it’s interesting to see Brock Lesnar fighting and getting beat.”

As far as his own return to action, Dos Santos has some very important family obligations coming up soon that will keep him busy for a few months but then he will look to book his next fight.

“My daughter is born in May so I have to get everything ready to receive her,” Dos Santos revealed. “After I make sure everything is fine and she’s good with her mother and our family then I’ll fight again, maybe at the end of August.”

Junior Dos Santos comments on Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier, Derrick Lewis bout, and more

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