Junie On Efrain’s Fight, "I fell asleep half way through…"

Following an impressive victory over Dave Kaplan and a televised apology to Frank Mir — even though he had been openly critical of Mir all the way up to The Ultimate Fighter Finale on Saturday night — bad boy Junie Browning is still trying to get under the skin of his Ultimate Fighter 8 cast mates.

One win off the show and Junie believes he should get a rematch with Efrain Escudero, who won the lightweight division’s Ultimate Fighter with an impressive performance against Phillipe Nover on Saturday night.

“I definitely would like to get a rematch now (with Efrain), you know what I mean? That was my 20% and I feel like I performed pretty good. If I go train, it wouldn’t even be close, for sure,” Junie told MMAWeekly.com later that night.

As for Efrain’s performance, Junie gave his housemate some credit, but didn’t indicate that he was particularly impressed. “I fell asleep half way through, so I didn’t get to see it all. It was a smart gameplan, taking Phillipe down; he has strong punches. I give him credit. It’s hard to defend his takedowns if he sets ’em up good. If I ever fight him again, that won’t be a problem.”

But his assessment of Efrain was the least of his critical comments. He had more for the entire cast of The Ultimate Fighter 8, believing he is head and shoulders above them all.

“The way I looked tonight, I’ll be twice as good my next fight and then twice as good after that and then twice as good… I’m gonna keep improving. That’s the difference between me and the rest of the guys in the house,” he assessed. “I have the potential to improve. I don’t think the rest of the guys have… open mind sets enough to go different places and improve certain points of their game.”

And we all know that was Junie’s point of strength on the show, his open mindedness…