Junie Browning Turns Himself In To Police

Former “Ultimate Fighter” castmember Junie Browning‘s long, strange trip through Thailand may finally be coming to a close.

Browning was sought by police after he was involved in a bar brawl in Phuket last week, and has since sent out pleas to the U.S. Embassy seeking refuge to exit the country and get back to the United States.

According to the latest report from Phuketwan.com, Browning turned himself in to police on Wednesday, but was not arrested.

This is where the story takes a turn for the strange.

Browning was a part of the brawl at the bar in Phuket, as well as another incident hours later at a local hospital where he and some of the other participants in the fight once again engaged in some sort of violence.

On Wednesday, Browning and his girlfriend, along with a lawyer, showed up at the Phuket police station to face authorities who had been looking for him since the incident occurred.

Browning had originally fled Thailand, apparently fearing for his life.

Now, he’s gone back and is speaking with the authorities, but even still no charges may end be being levied on the Kentuckian’s head.

Authorities apparently have several different versions of how the fight actually started, who the aggressors were, and what happened once the brawl got out of hand.

They are now working towards a mediation in which the parties involved may have to reach restitution for medical bills and damage done at the bar, but at this time it doesn’t sound like anyone will be charged with a criminal act.

None of the parties involved, including Browning, were held by the police overnight.

According to the report, Browning was urged to seek out the police and turn himself in when a resident of Phuket and warden to the U.S. Embassy contacted the former UFC fighter.

Browning will now hopefully reach a mediation with the authorities and the other parties involved, and put the incident behind him.

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