Julius Anglickas Knows Winning Title at LFA 60 Will Open Bigger Doors

February 14, 2019

For light-heavyweight up and comer Julius Anglickas 2018 stood in stark contrast to the year preceding it.

After missing a significant amount of time due to injuries, Anglickas returned to action in 2018 and was able to pick up multiple wins and have one of his most productive years to date.

“I was coming off a year and a half without having any fights,” Anglickas told MMAWeekly.com. “It was just injuries, injuries; and then I got a one-week notice boxing fight, then there was the LFA, then went to Nebraska, then I fought right here in St. Louis; so it was pretty cool from having no fights to having four fights.

“Before it was like thoughts were going into my mind that this is not going to happen and I would have to find something other than fighting because it was not working out, but now everything is to falling into place one right after another. Now I’m back on the radar and things are actually happening with it, so it was a really good year.”

Anglickas was able to use things he learned in his time off in his fights in 2018, and use the experiences he picked up in those fights to additionally add to his game.

“I think I was more mature,” said Anglickas. “I learned more in the year and a half. I kept constantly evolving and I think I matured in a way when I took things differently and looked at things differently, and became smarter with things.

“I learned that if something doesn’t go your way you can come back from it. I enjoyed experiencing a little bit of when things don’t go my way, because then I get familiar with it. Overall I was happy with my performances and with what I learned.”

This Friday in Des Moines, Iowa, Anglickas (5-1) will look to pick up his fifth win in a row when he faces Clayton York (5-0) in a 205-pound championship main event of LFA 60.

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“I feel what I have to do to win is not get taken down,” Anglickas said. “I just have to keep it standing.

“(York is) a strong guy with a lot of muscle, so I feel he could gas before me. I know if I’m tired, he’ll be more tired. I feel like it would happen later on in the rounds where he will start fading a little bit, and I feel that’s where I could pick him apart.”

Anglickas understands his fight this Friday could very well be the turning point of his career, and plans to capitalize on it accordingly.

“It is a big step, fighting for a title, and if you have a title you either defend it or get a call to a bigger show, so getting a title I will get on the radar to possibly get a bunch of other doors open,” said Anglickas.

“If I’m successful on Friday then right after something bigger will be happening. A lot of things are happening right now and I need to take full advantage of it.”