by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
As women’s MMA becomes more prevalent in the sports culture, so does the exposure of its fighters. Case in point is the decision by BodogFight to not only feature women in their ION Television series, but also on their PPV events.

And as we’ve seen, sometimes the two intertwine, such as the most recent episode of BodogFight that featured, among other St. Petersburg PPV fights, the match-up between Julie Kedzie and Julia Berezekova from April.

In the fight, Kedzie shined, winning by TKO half way through the 2nd Round, putting to rest earlier disappointments in televised fights against Amanda Buckner and Gina Carano.

“I’m really excited about that fight,” said Julie of the ION broadcast of her fight against Berezekova. “Because not only is it finally a win of mine on television [laughs], but it also was my first fight with Greg Jackson’s team.”

“It gave me the opportunity to see basically what our original working relationship was like in action. I got to start training with him about three weeks before the fight, he came over there with me, and I felt like I listened to him, did what he told me to do and the result was really great,” continued Kedzie.

Julie explains that her fight with Berezekova was a barometer for where she was at and what she needs to improve upon now that she’s with her new team.

“It was definitely a feeling-out fight for me,” explained Kedzie. “He [Greg] said, ‘This is pretty much a diagnostics fight for you and we’ll just see what you’ve got.’ He’s basically told me that this next year it doesn’t matter if I win or lose – obviously I want to win them – but it doesn’t matter, because I’m just growing this year.”

“I think this fight was a pretty good start,” further stated Julie.

Kedzie feels that her move to New Mexico to begin training with the team was the right step for her and has already begun to pay huge dividends.

“I love this team,” exclaimed Julie, “And honestly, I couldn’t have found a better situation for where I’m at and where I need to progress.”

Kedzie added, “Obviously he [Jackson] does want me to win, but it’s a feeling of relief to have this kind of support and pressure-less situation. Actually, it kind of drives me, because I totally want to win for him and not let anybody down, and perform the way they want me to.”

Now that Julie’s most recent fight has been made available on television, she was asked what’s next for her as her star continues to rise.

“I believe you’ll see me take more Bodog and EliteXC fights, if they offer them to me,” said Kedzie. “I should be taking at least one more fight this summer. I also have to defend my [Hook N Shoot] title in Indiana in September, so I’m looking forward to that.”

“The [Hook N Shoot] fight in Indiana I believe will be against Jan Finney. She won the title contention [eliminator], so she’ll be fighting me on September 29th. As for this summer, there’s been rumors of me fighting Kelly Kobald, but I can’t confirm or deny any of that yet. We’re just trying to see what’s going to happen with that,” continued Julie.

So, now back in the win category, with a new team and solid prospects ahead of her, developmental year or not, Julie Kedzie feels the coming months could be very prosperous indeed.

“I would like to say a big shout-out to Tapout,” said Kedzie. “I think I’m their first female fighter, so that’s a big deal. Also many, many thanks to Greg Jackson and to all the people who have gotten me to where I am.”

Julie concluded, “Definitely, the fans should check out the ION show, cheer for me and all the USA fighters; and keep your eyes open for me in Bodog, EliteXC, and keep supporting women’s MMA.”