September 27, 2007

by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Former UFC and Pride combatant and current Strikeforce fighter Josh ‘The Punk’ Thomson returns to action on Saturday night for a special Strikeforce event at Hugh Hefner’s world-renowned Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Thomson’s fight on the Sept. 29 event will be streamed live exclusively on Yahoo! Sports – a new content-partner of MMAWeekly.com – beginning at midnight Eastern/9 p.m. Pacific.

For this fight, Thomson will be facing the dangerous and experienced former International Fight League fighter Adam Lynn. Lynn is a veteran MMA fighter who has 18 professional bouts to his credit. Saturday night, he will be looking to make a statement in his first bout with the Strikeforce promotion.

On the other hand, Thomson will be looking to squelch Lynn’s Strikeforce popularity before it ever comes to fruition, though he does admit that securing a victory over Lynn will be no easy proposition.

Thomson told MMAWeekly, “He’s decent on the feet, he’s good on the ground, he’s well-rounded, he’s kind of hard to take down and he’s kind of big for the weight … a lot of people are telling me that he’s fought a couple of times at 155, but he’s never made the weight. He’s always been two pounds, sometimes four pounds over [the 155 pound limit]. That worries me a little bit, but other than that, that’s about it.”

The Punk is coming into his match with Lynn on a four-fight win streak. He will be looking to use his forward momentum to level his experienced opponent Saturday night.

Thomson – along with all of the other competitors that night – will be fighting in front of what will perhaps be the most attractive crowd in MMA history. The question is, will the number of bombshells outside the ring Saturday night affect the quality of the warfare going on inside it?

Thomson doesn’t think so.

“Once you get in the ring it’s going to be all business,” said Thomson. “Obviously, there’ll be [distractions], but it’s all going to come down to when you get into the ring. No one wants to lose in front of them [Playboy Playmates] either.”

With five Strikeforce fights to his credit and greater name recognition among fans than his opponent, Thomson will likely be the favorite coming into this bout. After observing all of the upsets in MMA this year, though, Thomson knows all too well that he cannot afford to underestimate any foe he comes across in the ring these days.

“With the reality show fighters coming up and showing you that as a veteran, as a seasoned veteran, you can’t underestimate the guy at the bottom … you can’t underestimate anybody in this sport,” said Thomson.

“I think [Lynn] is really looking to come back with a new organization and he’s going to try to put a stamp on it. So you can’t ever underestimate anyone in this sport. It’s been proven time and time again.”

Thomson’s plans definitely do not include taking Lynn lightly come Saturday night. They do, however, include the intention to finish the fight.

“I’m looking forward to keeping it on my feet and letting my hands fly and see what happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to take me down given that my stand-up’s probably a little bit better than his. I’m looking to finish the fight. I really don’t want to go the distance … I’ve trained to go the distance, but I’m looking to finish the fight.”

Only time will tell if Thomson will deliver in front of the star-studded crowd Saturday night, but it seems that he is geared up to put on a show.