Josh Koscheck ‘Would Step Away from the Sport Before Fighting Jon Fitch’

November 22, 2011

Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch UFC

Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch

Some teammates in mixed martial arts would gladly fight each other. Many view it simply as getting down to business, while others would do it if the price were right or the stakes high enough, say for a title shot.

None of those arguments hold water with Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch.

Both have said time and again that they will not fight each other, at least in the Octagon, regardless of the stakes laid out on the table.

“If there’s no one else for me to compete with at 170 other than Koscheck, I’m going to move up,” Fitch has told

The truth is, they do fight each other, quite frequently.

“I fought him today, look at my forehead,” Koscheck joked at a recent question and answer session with fans.

“Me and Jon Fitch have been training together for eight years now. You guys really want to see us fight – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – come to AKA in San Jose (Calif.). You guys can stand up there, you can watch us fight, and it will be for free. You don’t have to pay $54 for it.”

All jesting aside, Koscheck is on the same page as Fitch when it comes to the two longtime training partners competing with each other for money or titles; it simply isn’t going to happen. More than two professional athletes sharing a training facility, they’ve grown much closer than that. They are like family to each other.

Some fighters can train together or at least with the same team and keep some semblance of separation between them, at least enough to be willing to step into the Octagon opposite one another. Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit both count themselves as Team Jackson’s fighters, but have kept a comfortable enough distance from each other that they are willing to fight. That’s not so with the American Kickboxing Academy welterweights.

“No chance (we will fight),” declared Koscheck. “It’s not worth it to me. I would rather step away from the sport than fight Jon Fitch.”

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