Josh Koscheck Just Became a Nick Diaz Fan

November 25, 2011

Josh Koscheck

There’s nothing most fighters want more than to avenge a loss, especially when that loss occurs in a title fight.

Of course, Josh Koscheck would like nothing more than to capture the UFC welterweight belt, and beating Georges St-Pierre to get it. But he knows that being one fight removed from that loss, it’ll probably be a while before he gets another shot at GSP.

In the meantime, St-Pierre is slated to square off with Nick Diaz at UFC 143 on Super Bowl weekend, and Koscheck is set to fight Carlos Condit on that same fight card.

Perhaps, surprisingly, until you hear why, Koscheck is pulling for Diaz in that fight.

“I like the Diaz kid. He brings something similar to what I bring to the table. He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind,” Koscheck said at a recent question and answer session with fans.

We all know, however, that liking a fighter and him winning doesn’t always correlate.

“Realistically, I think GSP is a strategist and GSP is probably gonna come out with a great game plan. That’s where he can play it safe and get the victory,” Koscheck told fans, being realistic about Diaz’s chances against the No. 1 ranked welterweight fighter on the planet.

That doesn’t mean that Koscheck won’t be rooting for Diaz, though, because he wants back in the title picture.

“I’d love to see Diaz win because when I beat Carlos Condit Feb. 4. That means me and Diaz is for a title shot,” said Koscheck.

“And that means it’s a big fight because he talks really good, and I believe I can talk up the fight really good.”

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