Josh Cavan Ready to Take the Next Step Up at RFA 16 on Friday

Josh CavanFor welterweight prospect Josh Cavan, perseverance is a big reason he’s still fighting after a period in his life where it looked like he might step away.

In 2012, Cavan lost back-to-back fights for the only time in his career and with mounting injuries he did not compete for a year. Yet through all of it he refused to give up and is now back on track and is at the highest point he has been yet.

“I got to the point in my career where I quit my full-time job to pursue this full time, but then I had a bulging disc and pinched nerve that put me out for four months, and after that was clear, I tore my ACL,” said Cavan looking back. “I was out for an entire year without an income.

“It showed me what matters and who matters and strengthened me mentally. It made me question if I should keep going or what I should do. It was a tough year, but I fought hard to get back, get clear of my knee, and now it’s time to move forward.”

Cavan has won four fights in a row since returning to competition last October and is looking to pick up his fifth win this Friday in Broomfield, Colo., at RFA 16 against fellow top prospect Chris Heatherly.

And while it may appear that Cavan has the hometown advantage, to him, whether it’s in his backyard or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter, as he draws strength from the crowd no matter the reaction.

“When I fought in Pennsylvania (in May) I fought a guy (in Joe Fye) who was an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, on Memorial Day in the Coast Guard Armory, so you can bet I was booed quite a bit there, but I feed off that energy,” Cavan told

“Whether it’s good or bad, if people are screaming and cheering my name or flipping me off, whatever it is, I feed off it and use that energy in the fight.”

When it comes to matching up with Heatherly (7-1), Cavan (9-3) doesn’t have any specific game plan; he just wants to win.

“Whatever it takes,” said Cavan. “I’ve been training like crazy, multiple times a day in different disciplines, so wherever the fight goes, I’ll be ready for it. I’ll do whatever it takes to get my hand raised.”

Having worked his way back from the lowest point of his career, Cavan now is on the verge of taking his biggest step forward, and whatever happens after that, it doesn’t much matter to him; all he wants to do is continue to fight.

“I get a phone call, pick up the phone and get told who to fight and when and where, so that takes the guess work out of it and I can focus on training,” said Cavan.

“I think it’s a right step to get some national exposure. I’m on a four-fight winning streak right now, and it’s time to start getting that exposure and I’m in the right spot right now.”

(Photo courtesy of CMO Photo)

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