Josh Barnett Receives Continuance By CSAC In Licensing Hearing

December 2, 2010

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett had his day in front of the California State Athletic Commission on Thursday to try and regain licensure in the state, but ultimately was granted a continuance until the next meeting and thus no resolution at this time.

Barnett spoke to the commissioners about regaining a license to fight in the state after a license renewal test in 2009 showed the fighter had traces of anabolic steroids in his system, causing denial of his license renewal at that time for a fight with Fedor Emelianenko.

On Thursday, Barnett looked to re-apply for his license while appearing before the commission, but due to some confusion about what would actually take place at the meeting, the former UFC champion did not have his legal counsel present.

Essentially, the commissioners along with their counsel would be questioning Barnett under oath, and without formal representation there to advise him, the Strikeforce fighter opted to wait and appear another day.

“I feel that in this case, honestly, my counsel should be here,” Barnett said. “I had no idea that was the case, that I had an opponent that I would have to go up against here. There’s no way I can go forward today.”

Following the hearing, Barnett posted additional reaction on his official Twitter page about the happenings at the commission meeting on Thursday.

“Wow, I show up only to re-apply and get ambushed by an assistant AG who has put together a case against me,” Barnett wrote. “As if I would show up without my legal representation if I knew that was going to be the case.”

The commissioners voted unanimously to extend Barnett’s hearing until the next meeting of the California State Athletic Commission. For the time being, Barnett will remain under Strikeforce contract, but unable to fight under their banner in the United States until his license is granted.