Joseph Benavidez Ready to Face Mighty Mouse After Impressive Showing on Friday

WEC fighter Joseph Benavidez
It’s been a rough few months for UFC flyweight competitor Joseph Benavidez considering his next bout will be for the first ever 125lb title.

It’s been a tough go because after knocking out Yasuhiro Urushitani back in March, Benavidez has been forced to the sideline after a scoring error caused Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall to have to fight a second time after their initial meeting in March.

Well on Friday night Benavidez finally found out who he’ll be facing for the first ever UFC flyweight title later this year.

Demetrious Johnson won a unanimous decision over Ian McCall, and did so impressively according to his next opponent.

“Demetrious went out there and looked like he improved from the last fight. He wanted this more. This time he improved his takedowns and he went and got the takedowns. He had more attempts. Demetrious was more active on his feet. When he can get takedowns of his own, he is unstoppable. They both got to go back and look at tape and improve and he had tremendous takedowns,” Benavidez said during the Fuel TV post UFC on FX 3 show.

After watching Johnson fight McCall twice now, Benavidez has already started to break down and analyze how he’ll approach the fight, but mostly he’s just excited to finally get back in action after so much time off.

The former bantamweight stand-out is ready to face Johnson whenever he’s healed up from this fight so they can finally crown the first ever UFC flyweight champion.

“Demetrious has always impressed me and tonight he impressed me even more. He improves every fight and today he looked the best in this weight class. We are the two best guys in the world and he is going to be good at everything and I’m going be good at everything. I just have to go home and train hard and he has to go home and train hard and I want this,” said Benavidez.

“It’s a dream come true.”

The timing part of the fight is still to be determined. Johnson didn’t get to take much time off following his last bout with McCall, and also managed to get married recently and obviously hasn’t had any down time to spend with his new bride.

UFC President Dana White isn’t sure either when they will try to stage the Benavidez vs. Johnson flyweight title fight, but even he admits with the recent rash of injuries causing more and more fights to be canceled, the sooner the better.

“I don’t know. It depends on how healthy the two guys are. I haven’t spoken to Demetrious yet, I don’t know how he is feeling right now. I know Joseph is ready to fight,” White stated.

“We have guys dropping like flies, so we need fights.”

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