Joseph Benavidez Ready for WEC 52: I Eat Black Belts For Breakfast

November 7, 2010

WEC fighter Joseph Benavidez

WEC fighter Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Benavidez is scheduled to fight Wagnney Fabiano at WEC 52, and the Team Alpha Male member has no problem taking this fight on short notice.  The world’s No. 4 ranked bantamweight took the place of the injured Brian Bowles, stepping up to the challenge without a second guess.

After losing a close split decision to Dominic Cruz in their Aug. 18 title fight, Benavidez, refocused and determined, felt that getting back in the fold of contention was to remain the highest of priorities.

The wrestling standout has made it clear that he’s ready for the chance to step in the cage, and being prepared is something he makes a habit of.

“I’m always training,” Benavidez told MMAWeekly Radio.  “Anytime I can take a fight, I feel good doing it.  I was in shape, and (there is no better way) to get back on track than beating a great opponent, and showing people that I’m still one of the best in the world by going out there and beating another guy who is considered one of the best in the world.”

One must take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.  It’s true, striking when the iron is hot is the best time to strike, and Joseph Benavidez knew this when he was offered the chance to scrap with Fabiano.  This is only obvious when he says, “the opportunity came, and sometimes those are the best opportunities.”

After his last fight, Benavidez said that he took some time off to spend with family.  In addition, he made his way to the UFC Fan Expo in Boston and made some appearances for Amp Energy.

The vacation didn’t last long, though.

Benavidez made his way back home to get in the swing of things, again training like he was just weeks away from a fight.  Like most professional athletes, he dealt with his recent loss and seemed to use it as motivation to showcase his grit and determination in his next bout.

“After a loss, definitely… can’t wait to be in the winning column again,” said Benavidez.  “I want to go out there and show people what I’m made of.”

Come Nov. 11, he’ll get his chance to prove his skill set is top-notch against jiu-jitsu black belt Wagnney Fabiano. Benavidez has done well against jiu-jitsu practitioners, which allows him to see this pending bout as one in his favor.

“I love the match-up,” he said.  “My three most impressive fights have been against black belts in jiu-jitsu.  I like to say I eat black belts for breakfast. They’re just great match-ups for me.”

Benavidez holds nothing back when it comes to breaking down his opponent’s offense.  He doesn’t see Fabiano having the same success with him that the Brazilian fighter has had with his past opponents.

“Basically, all his fights in the WEC, he’s gone in there and laid on people,” Benavidez said of Fabiano. “He gets the takedown, and he looks like a monster on top, but I’m like a greased pig out there.  No one (is going to) lay on me, so if that’s what he wants to do, he’s (going to) have a tough enough time getting me down, (let alone) laying on me.”