Jose Aldo Provides X-Rays of Injury; Calls UFC Interim Belt a Toy

July 2, 2015

Jose Aldo may not be fighting at UFC 189 on July 11, and everyone is coming down fairly hard on him for pulling out, but the champion is not going quietly.

Aldo on Wednesday defended his decision to withdraw from the fight by providing the x-rays that his doctors have used to identify a fractured rib, while the UFC’s medical consultants have called it “a bone bruise to his rib and cartilage injury.”

“For three months, every day, I conducted three training sessions,” Aldo told Brazilian outlet Globo. “I invested my time and money, bringing in training partners, both in the country and outside, to make the best camp of my life and be ready to defend my belt for the eighth time on July 11. Unfortunately, I suffered a broken rib in training, which is proven by an official report.”

“The decision was taken in respect of fans and the UFC, who now consider me the best fighter pound-for-weight world. I could not fight without having 100 percent of my physical condition,” he continued. “Many people told me to fight anyway, due to the money that I could win, but I wouldn’t sell myself, no matter what it may be.”

With Aldo on the sidelines, his opponent, Conor McGregor, will now face Chad Mendes for the interim UFC featherweight championship. The winner will then face Aldo upon his return.

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During a conference call on Wednesday, however, McGregor took numerous jabs at Aldo, not only questioning his willingness to fight, but also declaring that the winner of his fight with Mendes should be recognized as the true champion.

“The eyes never lie, and every time I looked into (Aldo’s) eyes, I saw fear. I don’t blame the man, I was going to (expletive) butcher him,” said McGregor, before later adding. “I don’t label this the interim title one bit. This is the real championship.”

Aldo obviously took offense and fired back at McGregor’s remarks.

“The Octagon is my kingdom and there is only room for one king. It’s me,” said Aldo. “If he wants to participate, he has to be the court jester. If he beats Chad Mendes, the only thing he’ll have is a toy belt to show friends, drunk in the bars of his country, because that’s what an interim title is to me: a toy. The champion is me.”

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