Jorge Masvidal’s father arrested for allegedly shooting someone at the former fighter’s home

Jorge Masvidal‘s father has been arrested for allegedly shooting someone following an argument at the retired UFC fighter’s home.

Masvidal wasn’t at home at the time of the alleged shooting. The news was first reported by Andy Slater on Twitter. Slater hosts the syndicated Andy Slater Show based out of Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

“SLATER SCOOP: Jorge Masvidal’s house in Miami has been swarmed by cops. The UFC star’s father is in custody after allegedly shooting somebody at the fighter’s house during an argument, a senior law enforcement source tells me,” Slater wrote on Twitter.

“More: Jorge Masvidal was not at the house when the shooting happened. He was out promoting his bareknuckle boxing event which takes place Friday night at the FLA Live Arena,” Slater added.