Jorge Masvidal wins bid to inspect Colby Covington’s watch ahead of potential hearing

The saga between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington has just gotten a new update.

According to TMZ, who spoke with Masvidal’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, Masvidal’s team was granted permission to inspect the watch that Covington claims was damaged when Masvidal allegedly sucker-punched him on the streets of Miami.

The watch, which Covington claims was worth $95K, will be given to Masvidal’s legal team who have alleged that the watch is a fake.

According to the outlet, “Cohen said he believed the watch was a ‘Folex’ composed of aftermarket and fraudulent parts” if the legal team is able to prove that it could drastically reduce the potential damages that Covington might be awarded.

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This was the first win for two separate motions that Masvidal’s team filed. The first was to inspect the watch, which was granted. The second was to view medical records which show the “brain injury” that Covington claims he suffered after the attack. That motion should be answered by the judge at a later date, according to TMZ.

Masvidal has pleaded not guilty.