by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com
Jorge Masvidal defeated Yves Edwards at BodogFight in Trenton, New Jersey on July 14th. Masvidal spoke with MMAWeekly about the fight and his Internet fame from his two fights with ‘Ray,’ a Kimbo Slice endorsed underground fighter in Miami, Florida.

Breaking down his BodogFight match against Yves Edwards, Jorge said, “Yves came out at a hard pace. Me, I like to counter punch, it just naturally comes to me. Yves was bringing it. He was throwing a couple of kicks. He didn’t hit me in the face I don’t think once in the first round, but he was throwing the kicks. He was throwing a couple of good body shots too. I was just waiting, waiting, just picking him a part, trying to get his timing down and see which way he was moving. The second round my corner told me to do something and that something happened. Now I’ve got another victory under my belt.”

Masvidal has some impressive wins over the likes of Joe Lauzon, Keith Wisniewski, and now Yves Edwards. Asked if Yves Edwards was his biggest win to date, Jorge answered, “Yes and no. I know Yves had come off a loss or two. Yves is still a big name, but I was just performing, just another fight. I just train hard. I trained harder for this fight than any other fight of course, but I was just hoping to get by this fight, you know, and hoping I just get another fight. I know a lot of people have been saying Yves has been on the downhill because he has lost a couple of fights, but I still think he’s a good fighter.”

Masvidal suffered one injury during the fight, but it didn’t affect his performance. He explained, “I had one injury, my foot man. It still looks like a football right now. I kicked him in the leg in the first round and it immediately swelled up…The final kick, the head kick was with the same foot, so it got even more swollen. I’ll be back in like a week, I’ll be back at the gym. I’ll be running and doing my roadwork and stuff.”

Jorge has gained Internet fame for his participation in a couple of underground fights shown on youtube.com and sublimedirectory.com against one of Kimbo Slice’s stable street fighters ‘Ray.” When questioned about the underground, bare knuckle bouts, Jorge responded, “That wasn’t me. That was my cousin. He looks like me. That wasn’t me man. [laughs] That was my cousin. That wasn’t me man. That was a long time ago before I was a professional. I’m from Miami and Kimbo is from Miami. The opportunity came, and I wasn’t taking a pro fight. I was thinking, you know what, I’ll do one of these fights to see if I’m ready, and I took the fight. It worked out well.”

He added, “I didn’t get paid a penny. I don’t know if other people didn’t get paid, but I just took it as more of an experience. Like I said, that was a long time ago before I was a professional. I didn’t get paid anything for that.”

Now a professional fighter, Masvidal takes his fighting career seriously and will not be participating in any unsanctioned fight. In response to being asked if he’d ever do another underground fight, Jorge stated, “Not unless I want to get my license revoked. I definitely won’t be taking part in any of that…I won’t be doing that anymore.”