Jorge Masvidal Predicted His Altercation with Michael Bisping Before Arriving at UFC 217

November 3, 2017

Jorge Masvidal may be focused on his fight with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 217 but he’s engaged in at least two heated confrontations with middleweight champion Michael Bisping ahead of the card in Saturday night.

Earlier this week, Bisping was coming back from a run when he saw Masvidal in the lobby of the host hotel in New York when the two fighters started jawing at each other with UFC security quickly intervening to ensure the verbal warfare didn’t turn physical.

They ran into each other again as Bisping was going to do a photoshoot while Masvidal was getting ready to train and plenty of expletives were shared between the fighters before UFC officials pulled them apart.

Masvidal has trashed Bisping in several interviews with the middleweight champion returning fire on his “Believe You Me” podcast numerous times as well.

Ahead of UFC 217, Masvidal knew he was bound to run into Bisping but in an interview with MMAWeekly two weeks before the event, he predicted exactly what would unfold when they ran into each other.

“That dude’s a ho. I’m not worried about him,” Masvidal said. “I could give a f–k less about what that guy says or what he’s gonna do. I don’t give a f–k one bit about him. I don’t like the dude and I’m sure I’m going to run into the dude and he’s going to try to act out for the cameras. I’m not worried about that little b–ch.”

Now it must be stated that two of the videos of the encounters have been captured by Masvidal’s own manager with “UFC Embedded” just recently releasing a separated version of the first altercation on Friday.

They saw each other again and this time it was just him #BackyardstoBrightLights #Gamebred

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Still, Masvidal knew that Bisping would try to come at him with a roomful of people around to make sure that a fight would never break out between the two of them.

That’s why Masvidal has invited Bisping to settle the score with him behind closed doors without anyone around or any cameras capturing the action. Of course, Masvidal doesn’t actually expect Bisping to accept his challenge.

“If it’s just me and him behind closed doors, I don’t think he would step up,” Masvidal said. “It’s not that you should or shouldn’t do that, but you shouldn’t act like a dick when the cameras are around just to get people to look at him. That s–t is like high school. If he really wants to step up, we can settle it like men, if you’re problems are real. But he’s not about that.

“He just wants to talk on his f–king podcast and constantly bringing my name up to make himself famous. He’s a little b–ch.”

There’s still 24 hours left to go until UFC 217 gets underway so there’s no telling if Masvidal will run into Bisping again but anything seems possible given the two altercations that have already unfolded this week.

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